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The Story Behind The "Laglag Bala" Virus #PersonalStory

The Story Behind The "Laglag Bala" Virus #PersonalStory

How the government intends to eradicate the “laglag bala” extortion at the airports in the whole of the Philippines? The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) had been the focus of this issue for the past months, but recently concluded the strict implementation. It’s because of the APEC Summit Meeting or just an ordinary system at the airport? The media interview of Mar Roxas was differently received by OFWs especially the Migrante International. It prolonged the core problem into a higher note which resulted to media circus respectively.

Of course, the Pnoy Administration lashed back their stand in this case that even the Senate wanted to kick the NAIA Manager for slow action. Likewise, it revolved the “finger-pointing style” of the government to the political opposition behind this “laglag bala.”

The supposed victims of the “laglag bala” extortion scheme narrated how security officials at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport demanded money in exchange of dropping charges for possession of a bullet. Many airport passengers reacted to the issue which brought their actions into severe awareness. The NAIA personnel were distraught and scrambled for the next episode of their lives.

Senator Miriam Santiago proposed amendments to RA 10591 include decriminalizing possession of not more than three bullets. The law must punish those who, in the guise of upholding peace and order, abuse the law to prey on the innocent, whether these offenders are public officers or private citizens. She based her proposal on the observation that the planting scheme starts as soon as a person is identified to be a passenger whose luggage is yet to be inspected. Porters, luggage handlers and taxi drivers are believed to be involved in the scam.

The government authorities like the NBI likewise proved their worth to this case in finding the truth about this scam at NAIA. But the government actions were received lightly by some officials, knowing that it’s a black propaganda by the opposition to tarnish the image of the Aquino Administration.

In comparison to the authorities involved, they must be aware always of their system and procedures wherein, the smooth flow of operation and peaceful management are needed all the time. Their services to the people are important and dealing with bad elements must be acted upon, at once. Likewise, the strict implementation must be pursued with care and understanding, but not to dismantle the essence of public service.

When majority turned their fingers to the “laglag bala” as extortion scheme in NAIA, the government must address this issue at once, knowing that it will spread like wildfire nationwide. They must find the core element of the issue why it’s happening and pinpointing to other political individuals as the mastermind’s not good actuation but a trait to defend somebody in the eyes of many.

Mar Roxas, as the Presidential aspirant of the Aquino Administration , must take immediate action for the issue, not widening the case by talking to the media. You know media people wanted issues to talk about every minute and spread across the Philippines and the whole world.

Lastly, each government authority must be very vigilant with their sections to enable them to manage peacefully and give full service to the Filipino people.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

How to Extract Wisdom from a Christian Children Story #PersonalStory

As told by Mark Arens, owner of ThumbPeople, Inc.

We all know that reading is a vital life skill and certainly a gateway to all manner of knowledge -- it's no wonder that we can hardly wait to expose our children to the written word as early as possible.

Surely the Bible is the very best of any Christian children story and the best of the best books for children I can think of - so off I went reading away. Researchers confirmed that babies hear fairly well from about the midpoint of pregnancy on and can well recognize their mother's voice even before they are born. Chinese researcher, Dr Kisilevsky of Zhejiang University in China tested 60 babies at term. They were played a two-minute audiotape of their own mother reading a poem, and another 30 babies were played the voice of a female stranger reading the poem. The researchers found that the little ones responded to their own mother's voice with heart-rate acceleration, and to the stranger's voice with a heart-rate deceleration. The responses lasted during the two-minute tape as well as for at least two minutes after the offset of the voices.* Yes, they were listening to their mothers all along.

So with this knowledge we are armed with all of the motivation we need to ensure that what our little ones are taking in aligns with the eternal values we seek to pass on to them both before and after they are born.

Without ever asking, new parents are often given a multitude of "suggested titles" of the best books for children or "must haves" for the yet to be avid readers. Many are a joy to read and you can well see why others would want your little one to hear you read what are considered the best books for children.

Some of the books others are working so hard to promote are geared entirely at one aim: to make them as brilliant as possible as soon as possible!

Knowledge, education and wisdom are important but it doesn't mean we should value intelligence above all else. As a Christ-following parent I know that the ideal that is most cherished in our faith is to encourage our children in the way that they should go, to show them the love of the Father, and to speak truth to them in love. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we are called to go forth and make Baby Einsteins.

I do think it's a gift to encourage the love of learning in our children and use everyday occurrences as teachable moments - but it is not what my heart cries for. At night as we pray over our kids we are not pleading that the Lord please let them have unimaginably high IQs and be the top of their class throughout each of their school years. Instead our prayer is that their hearts would beat wildly for Jesus, that they'd come to know and love Him at an early age, and that the book they would love the most would be the very Word of God.

To aim for godliness over braininess is a charge that one has to approach with great intentionality in this culture. Over and over we will hear the ever growing list of the best books for children. Many of them we'll read to our children and many we won't. But what we have to be mindful of above the content of our children's bookcases is the content of our motivation. Are we trying to blend with a world that is not our home or are we trying to be an influence to take as many people with us to the eternal home the Lord has prepared for all who accept Him as Lord.

Our aim is to be wise - not knowledgeable. Yes, there is a difference. Sometimes we think we already "know" everything but still can't figure out what to do next. That's because we lack wisdom - which in its biblical form, is the only sure foundation on which we can make any sound move. So the next time you're looking for the perfect book to choose from the latest list of the best books for children or the latest best-selling self-help book for yourself, ask the giver of all wisdom for a little help and direction. He promises to offer a page-turning, riveting approach to life that you won't want to put down.

"If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him."
James 1:5

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Just How Much Will it Cost to Retire in the Philippines? #PersonalStory

Just How Much Will it Cost to Retire in the Philippines? #PersonalStory

My friend from Destination Philippines told me some interesting facts about our country which I readily closed my eyes in desperation. What? why like this, I am a Filipino! But that was a year ago when I lost my sense of humor...ha..ha..ha..and being an OFW before. Will I retire in the Philippines? Of course because this is my native land and love to retire here!

A great deal of Americans contemplate on retiring overseas for various reasons - much better climate, new adventures, or a lower price of living. The Philippines is slowly rising as a retirement nation of option because of its tropical climate, gorgeous beaches, and naturally, the low cost of living.

Arranging for a budget for retiring inside the Philippines in fact depends on you. What kind of lifestyle do you actually want?

The Philippines is produced up of much more than 7,000 islands, and also you can expect that the nation has a diverse culture and life style. Do you choose the massive city living and reside in Manila, exactly where you have immediate access to huge buying malls, nightlife, commercial establishments and offices, and heavy traffic jams? Or would you rather reside inside a quieter and mid-sized urban city like Cebu or Davao? Do you desire a more rural life style, including in Subic, Dumaguete, or Bacolod? Or would you prefer to reside in a tropical paradise like Boracay and Palawan, which has the very best beaches in the world?

Regardless with the location that you choose, living inside the Philippines will cost you about a quarter of what it would cost you for the same way of life within the U.S. or in Europe. A modest budget of $1,000 to $2,000 a month can currently go a long way. Just uncover an region that fits your budget and you can retire twice as wealthy as well as a lot happier, appreciate a warm, tropical weather all year round, possess a property helper and a driver, and live healthier with less pressure. You are able to even travel, have your individual organization, and be financially totally free.

As in most places, the greatest expense that you will have in the Philippines is housing, and it depends upon which location and kind of dwelling you choose to reside. You'll be able to opt for a townhouse, high rise condominium, studio apartment, or a detached home. In case you decide on to reside in Manila, anticipate to pay much more. Though there's an excellent range of housing charges within the city, in general it ranges from $500 to $1500 per month. It charges somewhat much more than $1500 in case you decide on to live in upscale regions for example Makati or Ortigas location.

Should you chose to reside in cities positioned in provinces like Cebu City in the Visayas or Davao City in Mindanao, housing would price from $300 to $900 a month. Within the more rural cities like Tacloban, Dumaguete, Cagayan de Oro, or Butuan, you would pay around $200 to $700.
For the utility along with other household expenditures like electrical energy, telephone, world wide web, cable Tv, medical and dental costs, groceries, dining out and entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenditures are quite significantly the same in all of the places inside the Philippines. Public transportation and taxis are readily offered and affordable, and there exists really no have to acquire your individual vehicle. But should you opt to have your own vehicle and driver, it would cost you about $60 to $100 a month for fuel, repairs, and the driver.

The most effective point about retiring in the Philippines [http://www.destination-philippines.com/] is the fact that it is possible to adjust your life style to your pension or price range. A good deal of happy expat retirees in the country are living on an earnings of $800 to $1,000 per month. Due to the low cost of living, some chose to open their own business and are living opulent lives on a $2,000 to $2,500 revenue range.

In case you are planning to retire in the Philippines [http://www.destination-philippines.com/], set your price range according to the way of life that you simply want also as your daily requires, and do your individual investigation to prepare you inside the huge move which you are about to generate.

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SONA 2015: Positive Outlook Versus Failures #PersonalStory

Photo Credit: palafoxassociates

SONA 2015: Positive Outlook Versus Failures #PersonalStory

The Aquino Administration and the President himself have done so much for the greater good of our country. The entire Filipinos have trusted them that they can rebuild the ailing sectors of our society. It’s really the ways in which these leaders contributed their knowledge and skills to put forward the Philippines for the past years of their governance.

After the last SONA 2015 of President Benigno Aquino III , as what it’s expected by majority; political analysts, ordinary citizens, oppositions and even some important people gave their share of the President’s SONA. The negative and positive aspects of the Aquino Administration were started to evolve from different places nationwide and globally. Nevertheless, the SONA 2015 got positive response for majority of Filipinos.

SONA 2015 highlighted the achievements of the government in transportation and communications, tax/revenue, labor and wages, international relations, education, budget and finance, peace, social welfare, justice, disaster preparedness, national security, economy, infrastructure, governance and reform. But, some Filipinos fall short of the main subject to tackle during the event. Understandable as it was for them to comprehend the SONA because of their personal interest politically.

The greatest failure (my own opinion) of the Pnoy Administration was the MRT3 train system wherein, the Department of Transportation and Commission (DOTC) Secretary Jun Abaya cannot fathom the solutions for metro rail for a long time. His immediately actions were needed because of the services the people wanted. President Aquino really opened-up some anomaly of the past administration that even this MRT3 was a special mention; the failed bidding, maintenance breakdown, extreme riders, traffic and other facets that needs the government to settle it down.

Photo Credit: kiestu2

This coming September, as DOTC Secretary had promised, more trains will be delivered and development of other facilities for the MRT3 stations.

The SONA 2015 gave the President a chance to shout-out that he’d done to increase the yearly revenues of our economy for the past years. Infrastructure development was being taken simultaneously nationwide and solutions for maintaining in the future.

More than anybody else, the President moved his aspirations in the future of our country. He showed the statistics of the Philippine economy from his administration up to the next 30 years. The numbers were great if all of the Filipinos must continue the “Daang Matuwid” through their lives.

He also stressed to all Filipinos that the next President must continue his works and gain some insights on how to be developed by his advocacy for improvement.

The final solutions for all the problems encountered by the Aquino Administration were attacked by his political opponents at all costs. Different ways were carried-out to look the image of the President as negative in the eyes of all Filipinos.

Luckily, he mentioned and thanked the administration’s leaders and also his personal workers. Lots of them got the accolade they deserved for a long time. Besides the disappointment of some political groups, the President had done his share for the greater good. But some political leaders were not satisfied for the SONA 2015 because they said, it lacks the essence of positive and negative sides of his governance.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Secret of Loving Woman's Breasts #PersonalStory

The Secret of Loving Woman's Breasts #PersonalStory

It was in a cold and clinical hospital examining room that I began to understand that a woman’s breasts are more than objects for my pleasure. And, I am a better man for it.

I’ve always considered myself a “breast man,” bras, bikinis, etc.; all windows for my insatiable voyeuristic appetite. And I am totally enamored of my wife’s beautiful body – in addition to all her other wonderful qualities, of course.

Imagine, then, the fear I felt one Sunday morning when, in an unconvincingly light tone, my wife told me she’d felt a lump in her breast. The word cancer was far from my mind as we sat in the gynecologist’s office awaiting her mammogram. Even during the brief strobe-like flashes when my brain registered the worst possibilities, my thoughts were more of treatment than a disease: Lumpectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Over the weekend, while awaiting the results, my wife and I did not mention cancer. I felt I was doing her a favor by not talking about something over which we had no control.

The results of the mammogram were negative – but I quickly learned this was no guarantee that the problem would quietly go away. My wife had felt a lump. Her doctor had felt it. Her advice was to return in three months for a follow-up exam. It took only three weeks for my wife to become convinced that something was wrong. Our next appointment was with a specialist, and only when I heard the word biopsy did I admit to myself that these people were seriously talking about the breast cancer.

In the hospital waiting room, my wife asked if I would come in with her to see the doctor. “You mean while he examines you?” I asked, startled. She stared at me. I’d always considered the examining room a place of utmost privacy. I hadn’t imagined she’d want me in there, but that look told me I’d clearly erred in my judgment.

The male doctor was disarmingly handsome and rather young. He struck me as being more like an advertising executive than a highly regarded oncologist. He barely noticed me as he and my wife discussed her medical history in great detail. They spoke easily of ovulation and breast density and other mysterious topics that usually remain locked away from a man. In some odd way, I felt like I was watching my wife getting picked up at a bar by an attractive intelligent stranger.

My wife lay back on the examining table, and the doctor deftly untied the strings of her gown. He pulled the flimsy cotton back, exposing her fully I averted my eyes, as if trying not to view a car wreck. I’d adored my wife’s breasts. But I couldn’t make her problem go away. My touch was nothing more than sexual or affectionate. This stranger’s hands could heal. Maybe it was jealousy.

The doctor examined each breast with firm resolve. At that moment, I was struck with shame and humiliation: I didn’t even know which breast had the lump. How could I have not even thought to ask? After a cursory exploration, the doctor focused on her left breast and began a painstaking exam every inch, as if he were making a map. At one point, he turned his head toward the ceiling as his fingers manipulated her nipple. I could see that his eyes were tightly shut. He looked like he might have been praying.

Ever since that first, heart-stopping adolescent moment when my wife allowed me to feel beneath her shirt, I have been both soothed and excited at the bosom of countless women. Yet it was only in a cold and clinical hospital examining room that I began to understand how a woman might view her breasts. Harbinger of adolescence, billboard of sexuality, provider of her baby’s milk. Two organs from which I have taken nothing but pleasure can symbolize an entire cycle of life for a woman.

In that small, cold examining room I received an education on something called a fibroadenoma. The doctor felt confident that my wife’s lump was a coiled tissue, a cyst that can be cured upon.

Six months later, I accompanied my wife to the hospital and the doctor examined her breasts again. I felt no jealousy while he performed the breast examination, which produced the same comforting diagnosis. We are safe for now.

It might do every man good to accompany his partner on a visit to her gynecologist. The experience did nothing to desexualize my feelings for my wife. I am still profoundly attracted to her breasts, but I am also keenly aware of the vulnerable, precious person behind the sexy façade.

Breast Cancer Awareness #PersonalStory

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Analyzing Pnoy Administration and Oplan Exodus #PersonalStory

We, as Filipino people, find ways to find the truth even though how hard to comprehend to be fair to all concerned. It’s in our characters that what’s best for the majority, best for the country. But then, even though how we value our customs and traditions, still, the change will takes place without knowing about it.

Salute to the few good men who turned out to be independent-minded and who finally told the objective facts behind the January 25 Mamasapano tragedy. We refer, of course, to the members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Board of Inquiry (BOI) who’ve done our nation great service by faithfully doing their assigned task of fact-finding and establishing the truth on the incident.

In choosing to uphold the truth, they risked their individual careers and chances for promotion. It is because they could not turn their back on the people, who are fed up with Pnoy’s repeated lies and arrogance in denying his culpability.

The BOI affirmed that Noynoy violated the principle of the chain of command by delegating a highly-sensitive mission—Oplan Exodus—to a suspended police official, his buddy Alan Purisima.

The BOI report resulted with much apprehension to some politically-motivated Filipinos. The hidden feelings to pinned-down the President evolved simultaneously and trust diminished sporadically. Likewise, the Senate hearing draft report was out unexpectedly due to feed the curiosity of the people. The information from the different sources was expectedly fed for them daily by the media, but still the drama went on and the people like it that way.

Remember, that we can think other subject matter to put forward our own ways of living and not incorporating our dreams to this Mamasapano incident. The fact-finding had done their jobs for us and in return thank them for it. But life must go on for us, not for them. We could experience the rough roads for sure, but we can instil trust to our leaders in performing their governance jobs.

Unfortunately for Pnoy, he was bound to screw up and fail because of the Oplan Exodus that eradicated Marwan that gave havocs to our society. But some Filipinos did not realize that, that dragging his administration to self-destruction was their ultimate desire and which had began with the uncovering of the hideous Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

It’s also a fact that the President wanted corruption in the government to diminish totally. The political opposition and other businessmen will not give way for his honest governance. They wanted the old-fashioned way wherein, money and power at their hands.

With this Mamasapano incident . Pnoy had shown his weaknesses and strengths. The world was watching for his ability to face these maladies of the Philippine government. He tackled much for the development and corruption but didn’t have the power to accept his mistakes.

We need leader like him or dislike him because of Oplan Exodus? As for me, all the Presidents that I used to know while I was growing up experienced the same fate as his right now. So, whoever elected President in the future will experience the same way and that’s the true character of being a Filipino.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Philippine Military Versus Oplan Exodus #PersonalStory

What transpired in the on-going Senate investigation had unveiled some of the truths about the Mamasapano incident. It gives the true accounts of each leader of every military and civilian personality who in one way or the other had contributed their efforts for BBL and Oplan Exodus.

It’s also a fact that these people have been subjected to any resource as to why this incident happened. For the good of the Filipino people, peace initiatives are being undertaken to maintain harmony within our beloved country, the Philippines.

The President as Commander-in-Chief has been subjected to criticisms for handling this incident of the Fallen 44 and the failed coordination of military men under him. He even held meetings before executing the Oplan Exodus. The negative aspect of the whole mission was the participation of PNP Chief Alan Purisima who at that time is under suspension. Moreover, his advice or order gave much point why PNP-SAF Napenas to proceed the Oplan Exodus without the help of AFP, DILG and the OIC PNP Chief Espino.

The statement of PNP-SAF Commander Napenas confirmed that he initiated the Oplan Exodus as the continuation of his previous mission, Wolverine under the suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima, also, the best friend of President Aquino.

The matter of this military maneuvering was done according to the planned operation but it failed to carry the weight of its contingency decision. The vague information caused the slow support from AFP which AFP Chief Catapang confirmed in the hearing. Unluckily, uncoordinated mission brought the Fallen 44 into the graves.

SAF Commander Napenas confirmed that he did not divulge the Oplan Exodus because of its confidentiality and careful maneuvering in the targeted area where the international terrorist Marwan was hiding. The said decision to keep secret from PNP Chief and DILG Secretary was initiated through the advice of the suspended PNP Chief.

The on-going peace talk by the government with the MILF is tainted by this Mamasapano incident. The BBL is the dream of the majority of the people in Mindanao especially the MILF group. Majority of the Senators are questioning the truthfulness of MILF to BBL which could give them power, authority and governance. But as what the Mamasapano incident conjured, the government side of the peace is adamant to process to its finality.

The present situation of our country is being subjected to a most critical situation wherein, we as Filipinos should contribute something useful for the good of our country and leaders. The Philippine Constitution must be our priority for peaceful living. Loyalty to our laws is the most inspiring moments of our lives.

Let us commit to the development of our society in which every individual has the right to live according the norms of his/her dream.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Bangsamoro Basic Law or Justice For The Brave Fallen 44? #PersonalStory

Yesterday, my male OFW friend came over to my house in a surprised visit. He’s so excited that I can’t breathe bear-hugging me for a minute. He’s so full of hopes for his endeavor in a faraway place. We ate and drink until his mood changes.

I asked him why and he told me that he’s so lucky to be an OFW than in a military. He started telling me about different angles of the famous Fallen 44.

You know what this Fallen 44 must be given justice once and for all, as immediate as possible. Our leaders must be brave enough to open-up to all Filipinos about this case. The truth commission must determine the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters’ accountability in the carnage. They massacred even some SAF surrendered. They did not think of their situation and future.

The brutal way the Fallen 44 died will certainly continue to hunt Filipino hearts in the days to come. What changed the political landscape was the realization that we have a commander in chief which dodges responsibility and dismisses 44 deaths as expendable.

Bangsamoro Basic Law now is to kill the prospects for truth and justice for the Fallen 44. It’s should be solved by the parties involve first. This should be studied first before resuming its finality. A people betrayed have lost their dignity because betrayal is an affront to dignity. That dignity must first be restored in the only way possible—accountability.

Time and again, the MILF leader cannot discipline his men under him, what more under this new law for them? The Philippines is our beloved country and all of the sudden, this Bangsamoro Basic Law will prevail in the island of Mindanao?

Our leaders under the Senate must act now to modify as much as possible. If the MILF has its law in the future, their tendencies are different when it’s actually practice in real life. We need peace and order to put forward the country’s development.

The MILF must have a thorough knowledge about the Philippine government and its functions. Learning the ways of our government and people in searching for peace, development and order, we can coordinate ourselves to the economic freedom of the land. And that the law of the land must be maintained and monitored by our leaders and people.

But how about the high-powered firearms and brand new Glock handguns looted from the 44 slain SAF troopers? And, maybe, the true motives of each sides.

Both negotiating panels have acknowledged the Mamasapano incident has brought out the latest complications of this peace pact. How this peace pact could bring justice cried for by families of the slain SAF troopers?

Even today, the media are doing the reporting with each version, where they deliver the news at the table of every home in the Philippines. This news is the very bible when one-sided opinion enters into some Filipinos.

The Aquino Administration must be brave enough to tell the Filipino people about the truth of this mission.

That’s being said by my friend, I felt the sad moments of the Fallen 44 and their loved ones. How sad to think and feel for them, the Fallen 44.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Government Relief And Rehab Program According to My OFW Friend #PersonalStory

Last November 8, 2014, my OFW friend came over in my place just to tell me about the killer typhoon Yolanda that damaged the Visayas region especially Tacloban. His personal version why it happened and the way the government treated such emergency situation.

He told me that the Pinoy Administration was not ready to act in case huge national disaster befalls our country. And, they need advance planning for every facet of government administration. His sentiments are well received by my own views about this subject matter.

Truly, Pinoy Administration has planned for rebuilding Tacloban and other places, but it takes them a long time to implement. At present, Yolanda survivors are clamoring the ways our government treated them. It’s their lives that has been damaged; their livelihood that has been ravaged and they need support from the government to start all over again.

After a year of relief and rehabilitation by the government, still, majority of the victims are not fully revive by such program. The rate of their action programs are very slow compare to the things that the victims needed. The slow-paced rehabilitation for them tends to give negative result on the government side. Even though how the Pinoy Administration tried to pacify the situation, political elements are bringing more chaos and demonstrations.

This coming January 2015, the Pope from Vatican City is scheduled to visit Tacloban and the government’s trying other places to finish like the airport, roads and other infrastructure. The local officials of Tacloban are not in full cooperation with the present administration that made this place as media arena and a time for the government to hasten the job in Tacloban for Pope’s visit. Besides for finishing the roads, it must be repaired completely.

Planning, coordination among government agencies and local officials, proper inventory and distribution of relief goods are crucial in ensuring that aid reaches the intended beneficiaries immediately. Audit of typhoon Yolanda relief operations released last September, the Commission on Audit (COA) noted that more than a month after Yolanda pummeled the Visayas, P736.3 million out of the P740.2 million in cash donations for Yolanda survivors remained unused and deposited in the bank account of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Most of COA’s adverse findings had to do with poor inventory, storage and transport of relief goods, which in some instances, resulted in relief goods getting wasted and much-needed help getting delayed.

To make sure that funds are immediately used to assist survivors of calamities, COA said that implementing agencies must come up with a program of work for the efficient use of disaster funds.

“When activities among concerned agencies are well coordinated and strategies in project implementation are improved, disaster funds will immediately cater to the purpose for which they are intended.”

It is a must to all government official leaders to plan ahead of time, search for solutions to all facets of the government management system. Therefore, Filipino leaders are the prime mover of every natural disaster that may occur within the framework of their responsibilities.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pnoy Administration: In The Eyes Of My Canadian Friend #PersonalStory

The other day, my friend coming from Canada called me up to have a bonding time for the two of us. We're doing this for a decade now, when both of us, are actually at the Philippine soil. Before, when I was working in Dubai City, I called him up regularly to extend some news that he passionately love, Philippine Politics.

I went to pizza restaurant and waited for him for two hours, that I nearly went home waiting for him. But, when I saw him, my anger was washed away by tsunami and bear-hugged him saying, “I miss you friend.”

He looked at me squarely without saying a word. We seated facing each other and he started to eat. I picked a slice of pizza and ate it too. No words coming from both of us. After finishing the two 12-inch pizza, I observed him totally. He wryly smiled at me and said, “How are you my friend?”

I said, “I’m okay and you?”

My question triggered his emotion to tell me his observation about the Philippines.

“Friend, I thought our country’s well and productive as of this moment, because of the present Administration. But I was wrong.” He continued his sorrowful storytelling while I listened to him.

The first subject matter he discussed about was the traffic congestion along EDSA that he encountered while coming from his resident in Quezon City. “Of course I know how much money is lost due to non-productivity from traffic. Now adding to that, the misery of inflation due to the MRT3 breakdowns was not even benefiting the economy coz it went to the drain perfectly. And after all this, we still have horrendous traffic affecting every sector of Metro Manila. I mean, the medicine that was supposedly to cure the disease just accelerated the progression of the illness.

The Pnoy Administration’s not at all concerned with what was happening with MRT3 train system and the riding public. He assigned Joseph Emilio Abaya as DOTC Secretary but nothing’s changed from the onset of his management. The maintenance people cannot give proper solutions to the breakdowns every now and then. So, what they’re doing was wasting their time and energy when dealing with this kind of problems.

I admit Mayor Joseph Estrada broke the status quo and after this truck ban thing, hopefully something good will come out of this crisis. But why are people complaining? It’s not because they are resistant to change, it’s because the truck ban was not well thought of. There simply was no alternative ports; Subic and Batangas ports just don’t have the capacity (combined capacity is only 1/4 that of Manila ports). The national government should construct a big port that can take up at least 50% of the load of the Manila Ports to make it profitable and economical for all stakeholders and this just might ease up traffic a bit.

The truck ban caused traffic jams from different areas in Manila alone. The businesses were getting thinner every day for their revenues.

Mayor Erap should have consulted the MMDA and the Mayors of neighboring cities before implementing this truck ban because, at present, all neighboring cities in Metro Manila were suffering for his mistakes. Not only that, the truck ban affects the entire nation as far as trade movement is concerned.

The Pnoy administration’s apologizing to the public about the MRT3 mismanagement of its operations and the traffic congestion brought by this truck banning.

The government must instantly and immediately apply their total concentrations and actions when dealing with these problems. It must have a plan beforehand to combat these kinds of crisis when worst comes to worst.

I asked him, “How do you know these…all that’s happening in the Philippines?”

“Well, my friend, remember, my father is a news anchor in Canada?” He stopped for a moment looking at me bewildered and said, "Didn't I tell this?"

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pnoy's Term Extension, What About My Dreams? #PersonalStory

I’ve been working as Overseas Filipino Worker, OFW for short. I stayed for almost 20 years abroad, dreaming to sustain my family back home. At present, I’m staying here in the Philippines for good besides my family. And here’s the story told by the media people.

Because of President Aquino’s outspoken attitude towards his political party, news of his plan to extend his term spreads like wildfire. Political analysts, opposition leaders, and other concerned citizens aimed their arsenals to counteract his plan. They wanted to stop him in becoming a dictator, as what they believed.

At present, news from the Commission on Elections (Comelec) turned down plans to amend the constitution to give way for President Aquino to extend his term beyond 2016. Likewise, Comelec chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr said, “the national elections will proceed in 2016 because the only way for the electoral exercise to be postponed is through charter change (Cha Cha). There may be some adjustments, but we will have elections in 2016.”

With its present situation for Aquino Administration, more “doubting Thomases” are always on guard for his whirlwind media news. While many of his detractors are fighting back for his plans, his focus is dwindling continuously due to his appointed official failure’s development of their government divisions to the fullest. Like the continuous breakdown of MRT3-EDSA train operations that doubled the expenses for not properly maintaining its operations. That said, DOTC Secretary Emilio Abaya should be smart enough to project the MRT3 management.

Maintenance from Hongkong, Independent Train Experts will inspect as Technical Audit for MRT3 train system. They will totally check the whole system and finding the solutions as expert’s recommendation.

Another setback for President Aquino’s the impeachment complaint against him was under the Senate hearing. Moreover, President Benigno S. Aquino III has appointed Senior Solicitor Florin T. Hilbay as Acting Solicitor General to succeed Francis H. Jardeleza who was appointed as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court last August 20. Senior Hilbay, the 40-year old lawyer with almost 15 years of law practice will carry upon his shoulders all the government cases before the courts and tribunals in the Philippines.

While the country’s political leaders are focusing on this “term extension;” the Chinese government’s busy constructing structures to the territorial waters, which is against the agreement. Moreover, until now, it’s been unsolved. Despite the warning of the Philippine government to China, still the Chinese continues asserting its bullying attitude towards its claimants.

While doing the development of other sectors, the Aquino Administration must focus on crime rates which gaining its ground continuously. Also, traffic congestion must be addressed immediately, for it caused negativity in the overall impact on the economy.

With all these hindrances to the living condition of the citizens, still poverty resides within the boundary of the majority. What will be the outcome of the Aquino Administration in the future? Time can tell, maybe positive or negative?

Well, really, can’t believe why I had to work in a faraway place while the Pork Barrel system makes them rich. I suffered discrimination because of chasing my dreams abroad; the dreams that I can’t find here in my own native land.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

World Cup 2014: Ramblings Of My Football Fanatic Friend #PersonalStory

"Football comes with a craziness inside of you," my friend told me when I suddenly bumped him at the mall. We dined inside the restaurant and still, he's uneasy that he wanted to tell me. Again, he looked at me and opened his pouting,kissable lips.

"It’s as simple as that. Nothing is as life-affirming as saying “because I want to.” But that makes this a very short article for you, you know. And I’d be cheating you of some valuable insights, isn't it?"

I nodded while sipping my beer thinking something different of my friend.

"So let’s start at the beginning. Football started in the Rudyard Kipling movie “The Man Who Would Be King,” starring Sean Connery. The bored but resourceful natives decided to get rid of the ruler by playing football in the King’s courtyard…using the King’s head as a football.

How I don’t know, but it became an event that involved the best 32 teams in the world, each team consisting of 11 grown men wearing satin shorts.

That’s my version at least, but the satin shorts are certainly one main attraction. Then there are the jerseys (we shopped, argued, bargained, and bought a set of yellow jerseys that retains heat like aluminum foil, but damn it, we look good!), the boots, the shin pads, the deep-heat cream and sunblock.

The football ritual I cherish is packing for the game. I prepare two days before, just in case the microwavable jersey isn’t washed properly or a sock is missing, I still have time to buy a new set.

And since I can’t predict the weather (it rains every time we play), I have to pack two pairs of boots – the six studs for wet ground, the 13 studs for a hard surface.

Then for 48 hours I watch football on TV. Watching football is one reason why I play football. Next to playing a great football game, the best thing in life is watching a fantastic match.

Another reason why I play football is because I hope, for one shining moment, to become Maradonna, Cartona or other great footballers. In reality, the gulf between them and me is like...it’s not even funny…it’s like a squirrel trying to play chess with Gary Kasparov.

Liverpool’s great manager Bill Shankley said it best. His famous mantra – “Football isn’t a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that” – is something only footballers understand.

I love to play because I’m hanging out with my friends, but we’re hanging out with a purpose. Instead of getting wasted, we’re there every Sunday to lay waste to any dumb schmuck who dares to challenge us.

Yes it does get personal, yes it does get ugly and violent sometimes, and on the field is where you discover the true worth of your friend, and your worth as a man. Are they going to back you up? Are you going to back down? They can talk the talk, will they fight the fight?

You can bring the girlfriends and wives to the bars, and our womenfolk also watch the games. On the field, however, it’s just us guys. Free from chores, talks, routines, laundry and cotton buds. Free to scratch your crotch, to spit, to cuss and to create.

Football’s visceral attraction for me is that it is all-consuming. There’s nothing like it, not movies, not sex, not parties. For 90 minutes when I’m on the pitch, nothing else matters.

I play because it makes me young. Because it makes me love my friends more. Because I want to.

Men often fantasize about all political and military disputes being settled by a football match. It’s not a bad idea, but then we’d all be ruled by Brazilians, wouldn’t we?

Free to samba everyday? That’s not a bad way to live...isn't if friend?"

I nodded again, thinking something crazy, and said to him, "Come, we need to energize."

He stood up at once and said, "Where to....World Cup 2014?"

I answered, "I'm a loyal fan of USA Football Team."

United States 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Roster

Player Position Club
Tim Howard GoalKeeper Everton
Brad Guzan GoalKeeper Aston Villa
Nick Rimando GoalKeeper Real Salt Lake
DaMarcus Beasley Defender Mexico Puebla
Geoff Cameron Defender Stoke City
Fabian Johnson Defender 1899 Hoffenheim
Omar Gonzalez Defender Los Angeles Galaxy
Matt Besler Defender Sporting Kansas City
Timothy Chandler Defender 1. FC Nürnberg
John Brooks Defender Hertha BSC
DeAndre Yedlin Defender Seattle Sounders FC
Michael Bradley Midfielder Toronto FC
Jermaine Jones Midfielder Beşiktaş
Kyle Beckerman Midfielder Real Salt Lake
Alejandro Bedoya Midfielder Nantes
Graham Zusi Midfielder Sporting Kansas City
Mikkel Diskerud Midfielder Rosenborg
Brad Davis Midfielder Houston Dynamo
Julian Green Midfielder Bayern Munich
Clint Dempsey (c)Forward Seattle Sounders FC
Jozy Altidore Forward Sunderland
Chris Wondolowski Forward San Jose Earthquakes
Aron Jóhannsson Forward AZ

Saturday, March 15, 2014

So, This is Young at Heart? #PersonalStory

Young Love Story

“He always seems to have a bone to pick when it comes to me?” thought Marie Ivy, while relishing the soft touch of breeze under a tree. She’s there for almost one hour, waiting for Jack Ramirez – her true love since childhood. She looks around and focuses her sight to a knife-carved-heart-shaped-image in the trunk of a tree. It’s written “Jack loves Marie”. She remembered that day when Jack kissed her softly and said the words “I love you” after etching the portrait. Also, on that day, she’s complete, assured of herself and happy for the love of Jack had upon her.

The clouds forming its shape into different forms, while the flock of birds flying in every direction. They’re flying to the tune of Marie’s heartbeat; a loving heart with no on else there inside – only Jack and nobody else. Even Marie couldn’t understand why the field with multicolored flowers swings to the tune of the soft breeze. “A lovely feeling and a lovely day!” murmur Marie while savoring the moment of her thought.

“Marie, you’re the only girl in my heart and I promise...that your love will serve as my inspiration and my undying love, be with me until the day we die.”

“Nobody can replace my love for you...and no one else in this world can stop loving you,” Jack pledged while embracing her and these words were whispered into her ear, feeling the rhythm of joyous warmth of her being.

She recalled that moment of happiness deep within her soul, that her love for Jack bounds no limit. She answered, “I love you too Jack...deep within my heart, you’re the only one I love...’till death do us part”, while embracing Jack tightly giving way to her unending love for him.

She looks at her wrist watch “Ten minutes past eight in the morning” she’s thinking silently feeling the restlessness inside of her heart. She compose herself and sit down comfortably reminiscing the past. Marie touches the trunk of the tree and wanders for herself, “It’s the tree who knows everything about our love and dreams. The leaves keep our secrets and the trunk witness the foundation of our true love with each other.”

Suddenly, she looks at a far distance, "It's Jack, my love..."

Yes, he comes for me... truly it's Jack Ramirez with a little angel together with his beautiful wife to say goodbye to her.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

You Can’t Lose Weight by Talking about It, You Have to Keep Your Mouth Shut! #PersonalStory

You Can’t Lose Weight by Talking about It, You Have to Keep Your Mouth Shut

As told by my “never-ending-fatty-guy” friend who loves to eat food and enrolled at famous fitness gym.

If you nod one chin and a couple more second the motion, you know it’s time to go on a diet. Unfortunately there’s nothing like a diet for improving your appetite. Nowadays though, there is no need to suffer alone because you can join a group and suffer with others. Organizations of weight watching thin people are out there ready and willing to help you fight the battle of the bulge. The first thing you have to learn is that goodies are the baddies.

Setting: Fitness Gym

At one meeting, an instructor held up an apple in one hand and a bar of the chocolate in the other. Tell me about this apple,” he said. “What are its good points in relation to our diet?” Hands were raised and answers like “low in calories,” “healthy” and “high in fiber” were offered. Then with a look of disdain he turned to the bar of chocolate and reeled off all its bad points. “Apples are not only far healthier,” he said, “they are less expensive. I paid 20 pesos for this one bar of chocolate.”
A plaintive voice echoed from the back of the room. “I’ll give you 50 pesos for it!”

At another meeting, one man was disappointed because he had only lost a few pounds in his first week. He told the others that a friend of his had boasted he’d lost ten. The instructor tried to encourage him by explaining that slow weight loss is likely to be more permanent.

“Is this friend of yours a doctor?” he asked.


“A dietitian?”

“No,” the man mumbled. “I think he’s just a liar.”

Beware of cheating; you will usually be found out. While a man was attending a meeting of the Weight Watchers Club, someone broke into his car and stole a packet of biscuits and three bars of chocolate. Most of us only want to lose a few pounds or a stone or two at most. Consider the will power involved when these super slimmers’ decided enough was too much.

There are plenty of different diet books and internet offers on the market ranging from the obvious to the ludicrous. There’s the garlic diet, for instance, where you eat lots of garlic with everything: burgers, pizza, ice cream and even grilled chicken with unlimited rice – you don’t lose any weight but you look thinner from a distance. The pill diet, the 30-day diet is popular too – that’s the one people decide they’ll start…in 30 days.

Of course, there are a few hard and fast rules known to all regular dieters. For instance: (a) the calories in a bar of chocolate are cancelled out if taken with a diet drink; (b) if you eat something and no one sees you eating it, it has no calories; (c) when you eat with someone else the calories don’t count if they eat more than you do. Also, it’s a myth that the Heart Association has given out a diet that lets you eat hot dogs and ice cream and lose weight. A spokesman says this diet crops up every six months or so. They don’t know who starts it or why.

Salad is, of course, the mainstay of any diet and it’s a fact that it takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has in it in the first place. It’s just a pity that celery has all the flavor of polystyrene. At the end of the day it’s down to will power.

A friend decided that the way for him to stay fit and slim would be to take yoga lessons. He was determined to learn through self-discipline to stop overeating. When I asked if it was working, he happily replied, “Well I’ve gained five pounds but I’ve disciplined myself not to feel guilty about it.” There are a few alternatives to dieting; you could always place the fridge door handle two inches from the floor or solve your weight problem like never eating for a week or more.

And then, thankfully, there will always be people who accept the way they are. A fat man at a confectioner joked: “Inside of me, there’s a thin man trying to get out but I usually manage to subdue him with a couple of éclairs and a croissant. But, if you want to slim down and all this talk of dieting has made you feel hungry, remember those immortal words: “You can’t lose weight by talking about it. You have to keep your mouth shut!”

Monster Under The Bed Story #PersonalStory

Monster Under The Bed Story

As told by my “macho friend” who has courage to turn upside-down the best fighter on our planet called Earth. He told me at:

7:00 am Sunday:

I woke up with a feeling of discomfort, knowing, that my bad dream last night bothered me a lot. I knew that somehow, dream isn’t real after all, especially bad dream. It’s my day-off today and I’ll be doing some planned household chores.
My wife kisses me goodbye and the two kids rushing to kiss goodbye too. She whispers in my ear teasing, ”We’ll be back soon and don’t forget your planned escapade”. I answered back, “Okay, enjoy the symposium and take good care of the kids.”

7:20 am:

It’s been 20 minutes past seven and I moved to start my first chore inside our room when suddenly, I heard an unusual sound coming from under our bed. I stopped for a while, not knowing what to do. The unusual sound continues that I ran to the door to open it, but it’s locked. I opened the window and I felt the cold breeze rushing under my skin. And, suddenly, I heard a thing crashing in the floor. I checked it and it’s the family portrait of my parents taken during my childhood days. The unusual sound continued, piercing my ears and as I stared at the picture, I remember my father, telling a story of the monster under the bed that stimulated my fear even stronger. I sat at the floor relishing my fear to subside. I asked myself. ”It’s a true story or not? The monster came back? Why there’s unusual sound under the bed?

7:45 am:

I composed myself thinking that I had to finish my chores before my wife’s back and to eliminate my fear. I pulled the comforter, bed sheet, pillows above our bed and slowly peeked under. Do you know what I saw? Again, I lay down in bed thinking my conclusion of the event.

8:10 am:

Really, I am 45 years old now, and children stories are not real. Amen.

8:20 am:

Therefore, my presumptions: That my wife locked the door with the intention to frightened me and storing the remote-controlled device under the bed. She knew that I am afraid (during my childhood days) the story of the monster under the bed. She switched-on the toy after leaving the house; and, the best of all with my conclusion: It means my wife intended me to sleep until they’re back! My wife truly loves me!

8:30 am:

Oppppppppppsssss! Before I forget, ahhhhhh, before I sleep again, today is my day! My wife needs me tonight! That’s a signal for sure! Who cares for the monster under the bed? Are you?